“Who were you when you first walked through our doors as a new student?”

“Who did you become as you met the challenges of completing your degree?”

“Who will you always be?”

A&M-Central Texas students who have participated in our graduation ceremony know where these three questions come from. They know that these questions have become part of the Warrior Tradition, asked by Dr. Marc Nigliazzo, A&M-Central Texas inaugural president, just moments before they begin the ceremonial march from the ready room to the stage floor. And the answer will always be the same, as you reply in unison:


When Warriors support A&M-Central Texas, they give back to the University that gave them so much more than a degree. Think about it: a career, a hopeful future, a sense of pride and accomplishment, a honed sense of discipline.

When you give to A&M-Central Texas, you

  • Help us configure ourselves for the future while sustaining and supporting existing programs, services and scholarships
  • Increase the perceived value of your degree. Universities across the country are ranked against each other in a competitive comparative process. One of the variables applied in this process is percent of alumni giving. So when you make a gift to the University, you strengthen your alma mater and its external recognition.
  • Influence others considering a gift. The percentage of alumni giving can also be a factor for corporations and foundations that use this variable when deciding the best university recipient for competitive funds. In addition, future parents and students use the same statistic when considering future enrollment, and potential donors consider it when making charitable decisions.

Resources for alumni:

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