Giving Through the A&M-Central Texas Foundation

The University Foundation initiated its legacy of giving in 2007 when it was formed – literally two years before the University was brought into being via Senate Bill 629 and made a part of The Texas A&M University System.
Now in its 12th year of operation, the Foundation has raised millions of dollars from donors throughout the region, awarding the vast majority of its funds directly to the University for distribution as A&M-Central Texas scholarships.
The Foundation is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and gifts to the Foundation are managed in cooperation with The Texas A&M University System via a Shared Services Agreement.

Mission: The A&M-Central Texas Foundation identifies, cultivates, and solicits philanthropic support for the University, extending our mission of accessibility, affordability, scholarship, research, and recognition.
University Affiliation:
The Foundation has Shared Services agreements with A&M-Central Texas and The Texas A&M University System. Via these agreements, the Foundation designates the System as its fiscal agent and the University provides staff, administrative support, and related services. This shared relationship ensures that traditional overhead expenses are minimized, making it possible to extend the value of every donation.
The Foundation Board:
The Board is made up of the following categories of board membership:
  • Directors (maximum of 30)
  • Director Emeritus
  • Ex-Officio Director
2018-2019 Foundation Board Officers:
Ronald Stepp, Chairman
Coleen Beck, Vice Chairman
Abdul Subhani, Treasurer
Vicki Carlson, Secretary

Current Foundation Board Members:
Jimmie Don Aycock                                 Paula Lohse
Coleen Beck                                             Kerry Russell                        
Vicki Carlson                                            Ronald Stepp
Nancy Hennigan                                       Abdul Subhani
Al Knight                                                   William Yowell

Ex-Officio Members:
Marc Nigliazzo, Ph.D., President, A&M-Central Texas
Cynthia Carter-Horn, Ph.D., Chief Financial Officer
John Crutchfield, Executive Director, Killeen Chamber of Commerce
Former Directors:
Frank B. Ashley, III., Ph.D.                        Mary Kliewer
Eula “Sis” Beck                                         Les Ledger
Jon Burrows                                              Richard Love
Craig Carlson                                            Michael D. McKinney
Scott Cosper                                             Gaylene Nunn, CFO Emmeritus
Steve Hanik                                               Ron Parry
Robert “Bobby” Hoxworth                          Carlyle Walton
                                                                   Wendell Williams