Our Donors and Supporters

In every community, there are people who contribute from what they have to make the lives of their neighbors and friends just a little bit better than they were yesterday. By their acts of kindness big and small, each one leaves their mark – both on the place they live and within the hearts of those they help.

They don’t do it because someone is there to offer praise; they do it because they understand the value of the community. And they know that every act of kindness has impact, enriching the lives of both the giver and the one to whom the gift is given.

A&M-Central Texas is proud of our donors, each and every one. Whether their gift is large or small, or somewhere in between, because of their on-going generosity, the University:

  • awards hundreds of both merit- and need-based scholarships to deserving students
  • recognizes excellence among our faculty, students, and staff with an annual recognition banquet
  • develops club sports and athletic competitions including a world-class rugby pitch
  • offers food assistance via The Campus Cupboard
  • readies job candidates with a professional wardrobe via The Career Closet
  • improves family literacy via partnerships with the University Library
  • honors the local heroes in our community for their leadership
  • partners with community and civic leaders to strengthen local economies, advance research opportunities, and support community service initiatives throughout the Central Texas region

Whether you give a little or a lot, on an annual basis or with a long-term endowment, now or via future estate planning, A&M-Central Texas wants you to know that we are grateful for your charitable giving.