Support Faculty Recognition & Renewal


Texas A&M University-Central Texas faculty members are outstanding scholars, practitioners, and researchers with a passion for igniting curiosity and achievement in their students. 
And while our University is still young, we have our fair share of the academic ground covered, with the best and the brightest teaching in areas including aviation, biology, business , education, history,  information technology, and social work .
What’s more, we advance practical research that benefits the Central Texas community, and our ideas immediately translate into innovations, findings, and follow up studies with real world relevance.
Funding for faculty recognition and renewal helps us attract and retain only the best and allows us to not only meet – but also exceed – the challenges resources for those who challenge our students to be the best they can be.

Gifts to support faculty recognition and renewal help us:

  • Support professional development opportunities for faculty members that ensure our curriculum includes the most up-to-date and insightful offerings possible
  • Offer our students the intellectual growth that results from learning and interacting with the leaders in their chosen field of study
  • Meet the on-going challenge of providing our faculty with the crucial opportunities, equipment and support required to advance research and teaching goals. But it isn’t just about competitive salaries; often, it’s about providing specialized equipment, technology, travel, or personnel support
  • Demonstrate our respect for a career spent supporting learning. The University recognizes excellence among the faculty in many ways, including an annual graduate studies and research award
  • Create an endowment to fund fellowships for promising faculty fellowships, chairs, professorships and artists in residence. Guided by Texas A&M University System policy, the minimum endowment for this purpose begins at $100,000